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Turnkey vs Hands-On Options

Unlimited Support via Telephone, Email, or Virtual Meeting
No Software to Upload to Your Server
Collect ALL Registration and Contact Information from Your Customers
Frequently Ordered Business Cards Programmed into System
Personalization – Your Logo Embedded in Software
Access Your Business Card Store Easily with a Link or Banner
Free Links and Banners Included for You to Customize Your Store
Database Includes Tens of Thousands of Business Card Templates
Regular and Unlimited Updates
Access to Blogs, Customer Service, and Technical Support
Shipments to Customers are Private Branded with Your Logo and Info
We Provide Customer Service for All of Your U.S. Customers
We Drop Ship for You or Ship to Your Location
Highest Quality Printing on Thick 15pt. Stock - Gloss, Uncoated, and Super Gloss UV
Fixed Pricing with Profit Sharing on Every Order
You Print the Cards Yourself
Set Your Own Pricing, Shipping and Offer Customer Service
You Choose the Quality and Paper
We Setup Your Payment Gateway
Optional 1/2 Hour Consult w/ Internet Marketing Expert

Dear Colleague,

Easy Card Designer offers two comprehensive business card software store options that may easily be added to your website. After adding a business card store using our software to your website, you will be ready to start receiving new customer orders online immediately. Both business card software options are equally robust, web based, business card software design and management systems.

The difference between the two business card software systems is that the Turnkey option allows you to have everything handled for you (including all setup, customer service, printing the business cards, collecting the money, and shipping the orders) while the Hands-on business card software option is for established printing companies that desire to handle everything themselves. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions about the Easy Card Designer business card software.

I look forward to seeing your store online!

Signed by Keith Harris
Keith Harris
Founder / CEO
The turnkey store includes the largest, most robust design online system on the Internet. With this option we manage everything for you. There is no cost to you for this option; we share the income with you by collecting the money and sending you monthly checks for your share of the sales.
The hands-on option is for businesses that want to control all aspects of their business card orders. Hands-on means you are able to set your own prices, collect the money yourself, as well as print the cards yourself, with us, or with any printer of your choice.